What is "Women Merchants of CPC Shopping Center"?

The Women Merchants of CPC Shopping center is a collection of women business owners who sell handmade or direct sale products online and in person. This group is meant to help make them more visible!

Join the group TODAY!

Who can apply?

The requirement to apply are:

  1. The business must be women-owned

  2. The business must operate within the US or Canada

  3. You must have a website/virtual shop

  4. You must have an active Facebook account

  5. You must be willing to invite people to the group

  6. You must be willing to donate time or prizes at certain points

  7. NO MLMs allowed, must be a small business owner under your own ownership.

When do I Apply?

The application process is a rolling process except for virtual markets which are 4 times a year.

Where do I Apply?

If you click HERE for the application!

Be sure to read the terms and conditions below!

Terms of Conditions

Have any additional questions?

Email me at lia@chromephotoco.com


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