Meet the Maker Series

Kinston NC

About "Meet the Maker" Series

When you are in the world of e-commerce, it can feel lonely?

So how about joining a community can make it feel more unified and connected?

Well this is the main purpose of the "Meet the Maker" series, I want to introduce you once a week to a homemade business owner.

Upcoming Makers to Be Featured

Maker - Meghan Holder

Business: Hello Healing

About Meghan:

Meghan is based in St. Augustine, Florida, she is a naturalist photographer that supports beach clean-ups and recently started working with Brain Train Centers.

Maker - Ashley Pusey

Guest Speaker: Moonlight Wicks

About Moonlight Wicks:

A Brooklyn Born, Black Woman-Owned Candle Company That Specializes In Natural Eco-Luxe Wooden Wick Soy Candles. Here At Moonlight Wicks, We Create Small Batched Hand-Poured Premium Scented Soy Candles To Amplify Any Mood.

Our Signature Scents Are Chemically Engineered With The Thoughts Of Creating An Experience That Can Transpire In Your Environment As You Turn Your Lights Down Low Or Turn The Music All The Way Up And Set The Mood Your Way.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Maker - Cindy Brockway


About Cindy:

Cindy has more than 11 years’ combined experience as an online business owner, real estate investor, network marketer and business consultant. She offers guidance and structured frameworks that help home business owners stand out as PROFESSIONALS in their respective fields of expertise.


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